Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kamiza Sushi

Kamiza Sushi wins my award for most knowledgeable and best gluten free friendly Sushi Restaurant ever!

Don’t be deceived by the small appearance, Kamiza is a wonderful sushi place with amazing and friendly staff. It is a family run business, which I prefer, and they allow you to bring your own wine or sake, and they will even heat it up for you free of charge! The atmosphere was great, looked very new and clean, with the typical use of wood/bamboo you see in sushi restaurants in Japan.

Let me start off by saying they have the best and friendliest staff. When I asked for gluten free soy sauce, thinking there was no way they would have it, they brought over a bottle of San-J’s gluten free soy sauce just for me. They knew every roll that had some type of gluten containing product in it and what was in every sauce, and weather it was gluten free or not. So when we ordered, they would leave of the “chef’s special sauce” or eel sauce out, and bring it on the side for my friend. And not only did they do this but they explained it to use each time a dish was brought over. I have never experienced such service and responsiveness to my gluten free needs.

The sushi tasted so fresh and delicious.

For an appetizer we ordered the summer roll; king salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber and mango wrapped in rice paper, served with a sweet and chili sauce. The sauce was not gluten free so they brought me some type of hot chili sauce on the side.   I am not sure why they call the Salmon King Salmon, it seemed to be the same thing, unless I just don’t know the difference. The fish was really fresh but the rice paper was very chewy, I am not used to it being so hard to eat.

We ordered Sea Bass Sushi, two big pieces of sea bass on top of rice, so fresh and delicious!

The third item we ordered was the Eel Avocado Maki, with the sauce on the side of course.

The best part of meal was the Red Sox Maki- it was fantastic!! Spicy tuna with cucumber maki, topped with fresh tuna, layered up with house special crunchy mix (crunchy rice), fresh tobiko and scallion. There was a decorative sauce on the plate, it extremely spicy so be careful!
 (Don't be upset Lauren is using a fork, she hasn't mastered chopsticks yet)

I will definitely be back to Kamiza. I can’t believe this was my first time here after living in Washington Square for so long. The fish was fresh and incredibly tasty, with beyond friendly staff. They have a huge selection of Maki rolls and sushi; so many different and unique rolls I haven’t seen anywhere else. Many of the rolls are named after local favorites – Celtics Maki, New England Maki, , Boston Maki – and their list is endless.

The price is reasonable, cheaper than FuGaKyu but not as inexpensive as other “hole in the wall” places I’ve been to. The also always have great deals – Free Coupons available on the website such as 15% take out orders, or a free Maki room (choice of shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, California, spicy king salmon) or edamame with take out and delivery orders $25 or more. Kamiza also offers great lunch specials – any 2 rolls for $9.99 or any 3 maki rolls for $12.99. And it’s open late – til 11pm on week nights and 2pm on Saturdays, in case you ever crave late night sushi…

Location: 696 Washington St. Brookline, MA (Washington Square)

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