Friday, March 30, 2012

Morton's The Steakhouse

Morton’s Steakhouse is great for gluten free dinning. They have a separate menu for us too :) All of their steaks and fish dishes can be made gluten free; minus the au jus sauce.  All salads, with a few exceptions (i.e. croutons and salad dressings) are gluten free too. Our waitress was very aware of gluten allergies and was able to accommodate for me. She went out of her way for me and let me pick sides and desserts not offered on the Restaurant Week menu for no extra charge.

Our waitress was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable about the food and the wine list. The wait staff was attentive but not overbearing. But shaking my hand at the beginning of the meal, that was a little much. In the beginning of our meal my water glass was constantly filled, but as the night went on and the restaurant got busier, I was left with an empty water glass a few times, which shocks me

We all started out with the Morton’s Salad – eggs, anchovies. All salads are gluten free (minus the crotons) but none of the dressings are gluten free. I was a little shocked that the blue cheese dressing was not gluten free. So instead I had olive oil and vinegar.
(Morton's Salad with eggs and anchovies on the side)

For my entrée I had the Broiled Salmon Filet with beurre blanc sauce. I didn’t ask for it, but the sauce came on the side. I always ask for it on the side, I am not sure why I didn’t here, but I love that they did that. I actually did not like this sauce at all. But I did really like the Hollandaise sauce that came with the broccoli and used this instead. It was so delicious! I tried a bit of my mom’s filet mignon and it was delicious; s o tender, it just melted in my mouth! 

They also put the sauces for the vegetables on the side. Our waitress suggested that we all choose a different side because they are big enough to share. Only two of the four vegetables offered on the Restaurant Week menu were gluten free, and since there was 3 of us, our waitress let us choose one from the regular menu, with no extra charge. We had the broccoli, garlic green beans (perfect amount of garlic that didn’t give you garlic breathe) and asparagus. The asparagus comes with a balsamic glaze, which she put on the side so my mom and her friend could enjoy. I know they are just vegetables but they were cooked to perfection, especially the asparagus. They were so big and fat. I am not usually an asparagus lover, but I realized it’s the way they are cooked is what I like or don’t like about them. The portion size was huge, plenty for three people to share (and have leftovers). 

The two desert options on the restaurant week menu were a Double Chocolate Mousse and Key Lime Pie, both of which were not gluten free. Again I was shocked and disappointed the Mousse was not gluten free, I’ve never heard of putting flour in mousse. On Morton’s gluten free menu online it has the Mousse listed on the gluten free menu but on their gluten free menu in the restaurant it is not. I didn’t want to take any risks, but they should clear this up! Our waitress once again offered me the two gluten free dessert options from their menu – crème brulee or fresh berries with whipped cream and a Sabayon sauce. I choose the crème brulee, which was the best decision. It was the best crème brulee I’ve ever had!! I even tried a bite of my mom’s mousse and the crème brulee was still the best, and this says a lot coming from a chocolate lover!

We enjoyed an amazing meal and had a wonderful 2 hour dinning experience at Morton's. For $33.12 (and an extra $7 for the filet) you really can't beat this price for top quality steak and service. The steak was the best steak I've ever had. The Steakhouses in Boston, and some of the other upscale dining establishments really do handle food allergies and intolerances well and go out of their way to accommodate me without making me feel like it is a burden (I'm you can relate to this).  Morton also has a soy free menu available for those who can't eat soy. They would most likely be able to accommodate for any type of food allergy. 

Location: 2 Seaport Lane  Boston, MA 02210

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