Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simply Organics Cocoa Cayenne Cupcake Mix

Gluten-Free Cocoa Cayenne Cupcake Mix is fast and to prepare. All you have to do is add 2 eggs, water and 1 tablespoon of butter (optional). The mix is also vegan and they provide you with a vegan recipe too. This was great because I was having a Welcome home party for my friend Becca, who just returned from 7 weeks in India and is a vegan. I didn't follow the vegan recipe; I substituted the eggs for one small banana and omitted the butter. I also made a cake instead of cupcakes. All the reviews I saw said the cupcakes are slightly dry. My cake was just actually a bit moist, but drier the next day, so I suggest eating the cake - or cupcakes - on the same day you bake.

The mix is spicy, which is nice but you can barely taste the cocoa. The cayenne adds a great kick but not completely overpowers the cake, yet the sweetness from the cocoa is missing. I used a vegan vanilla frosting on top, which gave it a little more sweetness and toned down the cayenne. Everyone loved it. I have a low tolerance for spicy foods and flavors but with the sweetness from the frosting it was delicious.

I also reduced the cooking time to 22 minutes, which I think helped with the dryness issue everyone seemed to be experiencing.

Simply Organics offers a wide variety of gluten free baking mixes, dips, sauces, gravies spices and seasonings.

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