Sunday, July 22, 2012

Battery Park

I went to Battery Park with some girl friends on Friday night after work for drinks and appetizers. The outside patio is really fun and much bigger than I had thought. There aren’t many tables; it seats 30 but fits 100, I can only imagine what it’s like at happy hour on a nice night. Inside is smaller but filled with t.v.’s; it seems like a great place to watch a game. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that busy on Friday, we were one of three tables outside. Then again, I have heard this is more of a after work week night happy hour kind of place. 

Anyways, we had a blast and the food was great! The drinks are reasonably priced. We all shared the Battery Park Appetizer Platter. It was a huge platter of 4 appetizers of our choice, not including the nachos or ahi tuna. I was disappointed those two options were not available for the platter, I understand why, but nachos and ahi tuna are two of my favorite things! I’ll just have to go back!

Our waitress was so nice, and was able to substitute corn tortilla chips for the pita chips that come with the spinach and artichoke dish. We also had the hummus and vegetables, calamari and the buffalo chicken rangoon, which is not gluten free; I did not eat it. 
The calamari is battered with a corn based flour and served with banana peppers and it was delicious! It was my favorite appetizer on the platter and I would definitely go back and order it again. The hummus was also delicious and it was such a big portion. The spinach dip was also very good but the corn chips were a bit stale. 

The owner’s wife has celiac so the staff and chefs are very aware and accommodating for those who cannot eat gluten. When I spoke to him he said he hoped to carry gluten free bread soon for the sandwiches and burgers. This is great but I’m tired of hearing everyone say “soon”; just do it already! Our waitress also had a gluten intolerance, and was so knowledgeable about the menu.

Location: 33 Batterymarch Street Boston, MA 02109. (financial district)

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  1. I was excited to see the corn based calimari on the menu but was quickly told by the bartender that it is fried with all other fried foods thus it is not "gluten free" as the menu lists.